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In a bowl, mix the tahini, lemon juice, and chili flakes (if using), plus plenty of salt and pepper. Add the eggplant and stir it around. Add more salt or lemon juice according to your taste, top it with dill cheap jerseys from china if available, and serve.. While with traditional ribs you just gnaw off the meat along one long bone,Esaw cuts his meat across the bones, giving you little strips of meat punctuated by short bits of bone, and then infuses the meat with smoke till there’s a nice black crust on the outside. Tossed with the hot version ofEsaw’s sauce (he also offers mild and mustard), the riblets are killer.The sponge cake is a simple sweet meal finisher, the lemonade slushy a delightful surprise on a hot sunny day. There’s no seating anywhere nearby (except maybe the trunk of your car), so Esaw’s truck is strictly a grab and go operation.

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