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Cheaper desexingand make it early

Dogs (like most living creatures, humans included) are fearful in unfamiliar surroundings and with unfamiliar people or other animals. They will react accordingly in an act of self preservation and fear.

Calls for early and compulsory desexing are laudable. I’ve not owned a small pup in the Hunter, but going on my experiences in Sydney my vet was not prepared to desex my pups until they were four to six months old, depending on the size and weight of the pup.

But desexed or not yet desexed, responsible ownership must come into play both for the sake of the community, other animals and the dog itself. A pet is for life.

The RSPCA would go some way to regaining its high regard in the community by offering free or cheap desexing but the buck ends with the owner.

If one isn’t prepared for the responsibility and cost of owning a pet, one shouldn’t own one. This should be kept in mind in the cheap jerseys lead up to Christmas.

Maree Raftos, Newcastle

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