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Cheaper fares proposal

Proposals for cheaper off peak fares for trains, buses and ferries using the Go Card will go to Queensland Government by mid year, a Translink spokesman confirmed last night.

Translink cheap jerseys is investigating cheaper off peak fares for buses, trains and ferries to tackle congestion among a range of incentives for commuters. It must report to government by mid 2009.

The government is under pressure to respond to demands to make the Go Card more flexible after a stronger than expected response by Melbourne rail commuters to shift them out of the morning peak hour.

«This will form part of a long term strategy for fares across South East Queensland.»

Public transport lobby group «Rail: Back on Track» has consistently called for cheaper off peak fares on the Go Card to drive changes in commuter behaviour.

There are now 322,300 Go Cards in South East Queensland.

Spokesman Robert Dow last night welcomed Translink’s commitment.

«That’s good news, that’s the first real public announcement we have had,» Mr Dow said.

«Rail: Back on Track» has consistently argued that cheaper off peak fares need to include buses, ferries and trains, rather than simple cut price rail fares.

«It’s a sign they seem to be getting on top of things and we can now look http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ forward to more moves forward, I think.»

Last week, Victoria’s Transport Department reported on the first 12 months of free early morning train travel to encourage Melbourne’s rail commuters to start work before 7am.

It showed the free train travel before 7am was used by 8600 commuters, of which more than 2000 or 23 per cent switched from the normal morning peak hour to get to work by 7am.

The Queensland Opposition backs trialling the early morning «free rail» scheme in Brisbane.

However Queensland Transport estimates it would cost $12 million each year.

Transport Minister Rachel Nolan yesterday said she would have «a very good look» at the Melbourne experience, though she said providing more trains into the Citytrain rail network would remain Queensland Rail’s main thrust.

Queensland Rail have added 81 new carriages to the Citytrain fleet since February 2008 and recently added a further 3750 «sitting and standing» places on five services on the Ipswich and Caboolture lines.
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