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delicious source of protein

delicious source of protein

When http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ considering the food budget, protein can be the most expensive ingredient in a dish. Yet, canned tuna is an inexpensive and healthful protein source.

Protein helps your body repair muscle, grow tissue, regulate hormones, control metabolism, defend cheap jerseys against illness, and more.

Protein makes up your ligaments, tendons, muscles, hair, nails, skin, teeth, tissue, organs, and bones. About half of the non water mass of your body is made up of protein.

Since most of the body’s proteins are continually broken down, the body needs to manufacture thousands of proteins every day to replace them.

Health experts recommend that Americans eat less red meat and more chicken and fish. Canned tuna is a go to food. It can be stored in the pantry and pulled out when you need a quick, cheap meal for the family.

Pair it with potatoes, another food that is easy on the wallet. Serving up 16 grams of protein, «Tuna Potato Cakes» is a comfort food that at 160 calories a serving won’t weigh you down in the wallet or waistline.
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