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Yikes: ‘The deterioration of Washington’s Metro system could jeopardize federal funding for new transit projects in the area, including a Purple Line light rail system in Maryland and streetcar networks in Arlington County and the District,’ Katherine Shaver reports in WaPo. Why? ‘In awarding highly competitive funding for new projects, the Federal Transit Administration considers   подробнее

Once you land

Once you land in New York, you will need to find a car to take you to your hotel. I would advise against taking the subway with your luggage. It’s actually significantly cheaper to book a private car than to take your taxi. One fourth of practicing physicians in this country are international medical graduates   подробнее

Soft chicken taco

Soft chicken taco ($2.09), Rosa’s Cafe Tortilla Factory: This isn’t the least expensive taco on the Rosa’s menu (that would be the crispy taco, at $1.79), but when a place has «Tortilla Factory» in its name, you tend to want to see what the tortillas are all about. «Factory» might be overstating things, but Rosa’s   подробнее

They say that

The latest puzzler broke out Wednesday over the prospect that the Trump administration would simply abandon the North American Free Trade Agreement rather than start to renegotiate it. Yet hours later, Trump called it all off. He would actually seek to revamp the trade pact with Canada and Mexico, he said, and pull out of   подробнее

An online airfare

Later that year they released his debut album, Piano Man. Over his career he has had a total of 33 Top 40 singles, three of which reached 1. Joel won his first Grammy in 1979 for the single «Just the Way You Are.». There are numerous travelers looking out for discount air travel deals but   подробнее

he’d just returned

There was fog and a damp drizzle as Redding plane made its instrument approach to Madison Municipal Airport. Suddenly, with no warning or call of distress, the plane sputtered and stalled, and fell into the wintry water. Redding, the pilot, an assistant and four members of backing band the Bar Kays, die.. We’re one of   подробнее

Cheap Trick is a band

This is why everyone needs to see a primary care physician on a regular basis. This helps to decrease critical problems down the road and save money. The biggest problem are the costs in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I am not averse, personally, to dressing sexy when the occasion calls for it. I live   подробнее

Lake Natron is the most

An official of Adani Group confirmed that the trend of getting a huge number of applications for PNG connection every month has stopped. We used to acquire 40,000 new connections. Now it is difficult to get that number. We’ve realized that [employers] prefer us for being undocumented because we just keep our heads down to   подробнее

children’s resale clothing store expands in new quarters

children’s resale clothing store expands in new quarters An attractive promotion can shift a sizeable proportion of customers from one brand to another within the same league. The customers expect promotions during Diwali. They wouldn’t give it back. They had absolutely nothing,» Taylor said.We asked Burt if the county had any concerns about where the   подробнее

children with disabilities get special toys made

children with disabilities get special toys made It did not take long after the Wright Brothers first put a machine in the air for a few exhilarating moments above the sandy beaches of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in December of 1903, for the militaries of industrialized countries to express interest in buying and testing airplanes.   подробнее