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These people are

3. Actually i found that those outcries about unfair 1:100 silver papers trade and «manipulations» are nothing new, they’d been there since the stats showed (from time memorable) that only very few deliveries actually takes place in almost all futures contracts. Until we can stop the Fed, banksters and even CFTC from «manipulations», till then my friends.(sigh) I wished for higher prices too..

These people are not nice. They are no better than the snake oil people of old. Those who sold miracles cures in a bottle. You can argue they could come from any bar in town and do the same thing, but the masses of bodies and the laws of average with the indulging in such activity can not be even remotely compared to this scenario. And with its proximity so close, unfortunately I fear the worst will eventually be the inevitable, and lord only knows what the inevitable outcome may be concluded from such a catastrophic event if it occurs. Gettysburg will forever be scared with this black eye.

The average family could see a 3 to 5 per cent reduction in their tax bill under Trump proposals, said David Prokupek, CEO of Jackson Hewitt. While these are just proposals, Prokupek suspects they will move forward given their priority in Trump agenda and for the Republican led Congress in place. Even if it takes time, tax law changes such as these are almost always retroactive.

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