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Now is truly the time for appreciation of Greenville black cultural heritage to rise to the top of the city priorities. If the city can pay Rhodeside and Hartwell Inc. $111,000 to develop a master plan for the Town Common, surely it can employ a company to use ground penetrating radar to scan the old city dump where the missing headstones could be found.

I never understood all the hate on Android tablets. It has all the apps my phone does but is generally far easier to use because of the increased size. In a tablet form factor, I don think Microsoft is offering a superior computing experience with Windows for non business use cases.

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This step through frame will make your commuting life or weekend errands infinitely easier, with speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and an electric assist motor that will power you for up to 50 miles. The Evo Eco Lite rides smoothly and handles like a normal bike looks like one too, thanks to careful battery and motor placement. Front and rear fenders plus a rear rack make it easy to ride to work, the library, or the grocery store.

I’ve always been amused by people who think that the poor somehow choose their circumstances. No one chooses to be poor. Ask those «pilgrims» in Massachusetts if they really wanted to travel to a foreign land, face starvation and other perils, all in order to take advantage of that first Thanksgiving.

When asked by the Times Standard for comment on the cheap football jerseys wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Thomas McClain, EPD Chief Andrew Mills responded that he had to say about pending litigation from a guy who sues people all the time. ( death lawsuit filed, Times Standard, May 8, Page A1) Disparaging lawyers and their work is standard fare in our society. While I expect John Q.

But if TAA came on for Coutinho last night, there would have been more pressure on Bournemouth, and less on our defence. Klopp definitely made a huge blunder as Bournemouth were not dominating the game, so he should have kept up the intensity till the end of the game, and then make defensive substitutions right at the end. And why did Matip not start, he looked fit to me when he came on.