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Like most couples, my boyfriend and I approached Feb. 14 like a trip to the dentist: with a sense of dread and annoyance. We were being forced to hang out together, gaze into each other eyes and exchange trite sentiments. This said, there are also a huge range of things to do that are not drink related within the city itself there are so many places to visit, things to see and really cool areas of Copenhagen to explore. I have been quite lucky in that I have had a few visitors come out to Copenhagen so I have spent a lot of weekends in the city with them exploring and trying new things. This includes boat tours around the harbour, swimming in the main river, Carlsberg factory, seeing the houses of parliament etc so if you are concerned that socially the Erasmus placement would not be fun I personally would say there is nothing to worry about at all!.

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For years, Bugaboo has been the go to brand for a statement making stroller. This high quality multi terrain stroller is fully customizable, offering parents a rainbow of options for the stroller base ($880) and tailored fabric set ($99). The modular system adapts to infant car seats (with an additional adapter) as well as reversible positioning for the bassinet and stroller seat, the latter of which can be tilted into three positions, and comes with an adjustable handlebar.

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